Saturday, May 31, 2008

Banana Sandwitch

I guess you are wondering that I'm so fixed about bananas!
But in the afternoon, when my son is hungry, I like to give him half a banana (these south American ones are usually so huge that half is really enough), as it is a fruit, i.e., has vitamins and minerals, is sweet (a very important factor for my son!) and has calories (starch) too (important for the mom, as his weight is really on the margin). I may sound like one of those worrying mothers always complaining about how little their child eats, but just can't help it. So, I find it a good thing for an afternoon snack.
Now that he was getting bored of eating a banana which I had already cut into slices for him. He asked for it but then did not want to eat it, once it was on the table. Hhhhhhmmm....
So, I had to think up of something. Always eating away his leftovers is not doing me any good (Need I explain?!).
And this is how he enjoyed eating it, atleast half of it and then he was not hungry anymore, but that's OK! :
Whole wheat bread with a layer of a haselnut nougat creme (one famous brand is Nutella)
and banans over it.


Suki said...

Where do I get this slurpicious hazelnut nougat creme here? And will peanut butter do instead? I love bananas and this sounds amazing!

PG said...

As far as I know you can find Nutella in New Delhi and I guess other big cities as well. I guess those living in India can surely help you more with that.
I was never fond of peanut butter. But the cook in me says it is surely worth a try. Do tell us after you try it.
I think a simple chocolate creme ( milk chcoclate with 1/3 cream melted together and cooled down) could be substituted to give it the taste closest to Nutella.
The only problem with both chocolate and Nutella is that they are very high in calories - oil, and fats and a lot of sugar.

Honey and banana is a good combination for brerad too.

Swati said...

Nice idea :)

Prats said...

thi shas always remained my favourite emotion soother and my divine hunger satisfier...tho, i refrain frmo the choc spread...i make do with bread, butter and banana.