Thursday, May 1, 2008

Egg parantha

Whoever likes egg, it can be one yummy and easy to make dish. Its a favorite with all of us i.e me, hubby and Betu. Wile I was making it yesterday night, I thought I can post it here. So I quickly grabbed my phone and clicked pictures of it while I was at it. So here are the steps.

You need:

  1. 1 Egg
  2. Dough/Atta for one parantha
  3. 2 tbsp Oil
  4. Salt to taste
  5. Red Chilli powder (optional)
  6. Coriander leaves (optional)
1. Roll out a parantha and put little bit of oil/ghee between layers. I somehow always make the triangular shaped ones as it gives me good layers.

2. Put it on the tawa/girdle and let if cook on medium flame.

3. In a small bowl, break the egg, add salt to taste, red chilli powder if you like it and whip it for 10 seconds.

4. When one side is done, flip it and apply bit of oil/ghee to the side which is partially done.

5. Tenderly open the layer using the chimta/tongs till the end. But be careful that it should not tear the layer away completely from the base.

6. Pour the egg mixture in this open layer as shown in the pic.

7. Close the opened layer back over the egg mixture.
8. Slowly flip the parantha by holding it from the end you had opened the layer. If the egg mixture spills slightly don't worry. It will in fact taste better.
9. Pat it lightly with a ladle .
10. Flip it back once you feel it has cooked well from that side and let it cook little more from the other side.

Your yummy egg parantha is ready to be eaten. Enjoy it with cheese or tomato ketchup or pickle as per your liking.


Cuckoo said...

Aaah I make it with a little variance and call it a frankie !! It is loved by all in my house, in fact demanded !! And sorry, we don't have any little kids in the house. :D

Let me see if I remember to click some pictures next time I go in the kitchen & make it.

~nm said...

Cuckoo: Call it by any name as long as its yummy to eat! Right? :D

Suruchi said...

wow! i always use to wonder how to make anda paratha...good one...will try this one out...

PG said...

WOW! How do you make such wonderful layer pranthas? I don't even get one layer on my boring glas-ceramic cooktop. Boo...hoo hooo...!

Mystic Margarita said...

I can't make a roti or a paratha...period. Have tried and tried...but this looks so yummy, will definitely give it a shot.

Swati said...

Ohh ..we love this ..though I have still not given egg to Aryan does not work for him. Will start his egg in winters :)

Collection Of Stars said...

Looks yummy!
Slurp :)