Thursday, May 8, 2008

spinach and corn sandwich

Ok! This is the first time I am putting across a recipe (am not much of a cook anyway), so I really dont think I can put measures like you women! :( But experienced Mommy's and cooks that you are, am sure your andaaza will work just fine! :)

Kabir still doesn't have teeth, but that doesnt stop him from tasting everything we eat! :)

So here goes!

Palak (you know how less palak becomes after being cooked, so take quantity accordingly)
Sweet Corn - Fresh/frozen - a small handful.
Mayonnaise - I use Fun Foods garlic Mayo.
Salt to taste

What Next?
Finely chop the washed Palak leaves and pressure cook with little water for approx 2 whistles. Keep the sweet corn in warm water for 5 mins to thaw and soften naturally (this applies to frozen corn, never used fresh).

Drain excess water from palak, add a spoonful of mayo, sweet corn and salt to taste and mix well. Toast brown bread as per your liking and spread the filling between 2 slices of bread.

Your palak and corn sandwich is ready! Ketchup not reccoed unless you can't eat sandwich without it! :)


Swati said...

Hey ..this is worth trying for sure ...for me if not Aryan :)

Vidooshak said...

yummy. i am hungry now. you must mention that it tastes best with Daily Bread ka Brown Bread :-)

Emaan said...

seems nice, wil surely give it a shot.

tell me mad momma, how and with what did u start ur baby on semi-solids ? emaan is 4 months plus, ive started him on mashed banana & dall / rice water.. any other suggestions ? pls mail me

emaan's mom

ammu said...

Hi,,,Emman's Mom

Here is a best food for ur baby( $ months +)
This is the best, healthy n tastier malt for ur Baby

Preparation- 1.5 Kg Ragi Malt
(All to be sprouted)
Raagi-1/2 Kg
Wheat- 100 grms
All kinds of pulses and cereals- 650 grms
Badam-100 grms
Cashew-100 grms
cardomom- 10grms

-Dry the sprouts in cool shade
- Fry the ingrediants one by one.
-Grind all the contents together
- Your Raagi Malt powder is ready to cook

How to prepare
(1 med cup ragi malt preparation)

-300 ml water to be boiled
-Add jaggery according to the taste
-Add a pinch of salt
-Take a small glass of cold water to mix the raagi malt powder,nicely mix the powder,then pour it into the boiled water,mix well, and boil for 10 min on medium flame.

This is really a very healthy food for kids and adults both

Try it....

ammu said...

My Id is
if u like this ragi malt , msg me

Rgds D
ivya shetty