Sunday, October 25, 2009

Making them eat carrots...

(carrots from ones own garden - try growing them with your kid in your own veggie patch at home!)
Sunny boy loves to eat carrots raw. Usually he askes for his favorite 'dip' along with it which is nothing but a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil in 1:2 proportions with little mustard, salt and pepper added to it.
But eating them slightly cooked is actually even better as the good vitamin a get much more easily absorbed. Apart from fats /oils that it needs the softened texture makes it easier for the body to digest and absorb the goodies from this wonderful veggie. Of course, the carrots should retain their fresh colour - a good indication that they are not over-cooked.
But, how many of your kids like that. Sunny boy? It depends on his mood, but I HAVE to put it in his mouth usually.
Two things which however do make him eat them with pleasure on hiw own are:
  1. dice them very very finely and cook with rice or cook/fry separatly and add to pasta or the vegetable which he likes. All have worked for me
  2. make them into these good looking flowers and cook or fry them like in the following pictures (you can also add them to raw to salads)

The final products....
My tips on serving vegetables to kids:
  1. Do not mix too many different things together and they will more easily eat their veggies!
  2. Serve very small portions
  3. give some funny or fascinating namesto the dishes you serve
Some old info lying in one draft , posting it finally:

Calcium, just like zinc reduces iron absorption and since iron is a very important mineral required by the body as well, one should avoid eating calcium rich sources along with the main meals.

A good report on the effect of calcium on iron absoption.
Another informative page on trace minerals required by our body.

Here are some good sources of calcium and iron at