Monday, May 12, 2008

Yoghurt with Banana

I think this is the quickest recipe posted here. Yoghurt with banana. I use probiotic yoghurt for this. I slice one banana into one cup (150g) of yoghurt. If needed add some honey and that's it.
For toddlers who still do not have teeth or no molars one can puree any kind of fruit or grate them and mix with yoghurt. Try out first what your child likes. They usually love it.
My son used to love eating plain yoghurt, without anything. But since a couple of weeks he has learned really fast to demand for honey. He has become a big honey fan (anything with sugar is great!) By mistake, I bought vanilla yoghurt this time, which, of course, also has some sugar in it (but it was mildly sweet). He loved it with banana.


Suki said...

What's the difference between probiotic yoghurt and normal yoghurt?

Suki said...

Nice recipe, btw.

Everything you do with yoghurt, I usually do with milk. Grew up on mango or banana smoothies, but milk has never been the best thing for my tummy :P . Gotta try substituting yoghurt instead, it's really great in this heat!

In fact, in the Kolkata summer a little parched rice(poha/chirey), yoghurt, bananas and molasses make a great snack. Or even a full meal when we don't feel like eating.