Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bananas playing Hide and Seek

This is yoghurt with banana and honey. I have done this post earlier, but toda it is a little different. In this picture you don't see bananas. 'cause they are hiding!
That is how I made my 3 year old son eat his yoghurt the first time. And now he himself askes for it.
"Versteckte Bananen" is how I called it in German, to make it a game for him. I guess in Hindi I would call it " केला खेले छुपन छुपाई".


~nm said...

Interesting game for kids. I was thinking how else can I use this hide and seek game to make them eat their veggies and stuff.

PG said...

Ha ha hah! :)
Well, the best way to make them eat veggys would be not to tell them that these are playing hide and seek with them. Add it pureed in soups and roti doughs. But that is a good idea for sure. I give Rishab (cauli-)flower bouquets with my hands (for his mouth) and he enjoys this game. Same for broccoli.

Swati said...

Smart idea indeed !