Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mashed and Roasted Potatoes

It was of the first few semi-solids that I started with Anirudh. And he simply loved it and still does. Its a nice filling snack which his Dad also loves.

1. Boil potatoes
2. Mash them.
3. Add salt to taste
4. Add grated cheese if you want.
5. Spread it on nonstick tawa and pat it flat. Keep the fire to low.
6. Use little butter for a good taste.
7. When slightly brown, flip it and roast on the other side.

Ta-da! Its ready! You can roast it as per liking. Those who prefer it slightly more browner/crisper, roast it longer.


Swati said...

Quick and easy !

Asha said...

I try this one.. sounds too easy

PG said...

I think potatoes are a wonderful thing for children. Some oil or butter should always be included in it. No doubt very yummy!
Can't resist adding: preferably don't roast for babies. Just mix hot crushed potatoes with butter. No salt is needed. And they usually love it. Even toddlers. I have fond memories of eating hot potatoes, cooked in the skin, peeled and with just a pinch of salt and chilli as a child. Yumjavascript:void(0)
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