Monday, April 28, 2008

Food, food , food..wonderful food!

I've always been a foodie as long as I can remember it. Lets ignore the times when I would trouble my mom by fussing over the things on my plate during dinner times..shall we? :D

I just LOVE to eat! Be it any cuisine. Be it veg or non-veg. Although I rarely eat non-veg(once in 2-3 months) since hubby is a vegetarian. I've been known for my love for food not only at home but also at work place. And I was so famous for it that my colleagues would say if you can't find her, find food. She will be right there! :P In fact I did a post on my blog talking about this strong bonding with food that I have!

I like to cook as well as eat. Although the latter would take more priority any given day! But whatever little bit of cooking I do, I will try and put some of those ready-in-a-jiffy recipes that I know or try which have turned out yummy. My recipes will purely be vegetarian since I have never cooked non-veg.

On second thoughts writing these recipes for me would be really tough since I've been a person who never measures ingredients. I always use my gut feel about proportions and cook unless I'm myself following a recipe. Still I will try my best but you have to promise not to blame me for any fiascoes :P

So what are we waiting for? Bring out those aprons, those ingredients, those ladles and spoons and lets start cooking!!

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the blog looks SO yummy!