Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pasta in Green Sauce !

Few months back I read this recipe on one of the food blogs and wanted to try it then and there. But then it slipped away from my mind. Yesterday when I was looking to make something different forAryan and I saw spinach in fridge , this clicked to me again. But as usual I could not remember which blog was that and so I had to scratch my tiny brain to remember the best I could.
So I do not know the best way to make this pasta , but it tasted good in whatver way it was made :-)

Ingredients :

Macroni : 1.5 cups
Baby Spinach leaves : 1 cup (I used handful)
Frozen/Boiled Green Peas : 1/2 cup
Onion : 1
Garlic cloves :2-3 grinded ( I used 1/2 tsp garlic paste)
Grated Cheese : 1 cube
Olive Oil / Cooking Oil : 1 tsp
Black pepper : 1 pinch ( I use red chilli powder since hubby is allergic to black pepper)
Salt to taste

Steps :
1. Wash and grind the spinach into a paste
2. Boil and drain macroni.
3. In a pan , add the oil and saute the onion till translucent.
4. Add peas and saute further for sometime.
5. Add the spinach paste and garlic paste and bring to boil.
6. Mix with macroni and cheese.

Trust me it was yummy and three of us gobbled it within minutes.Here is a quick pic :


~nm said...

Looks yummy..must try. Although I would make minus peas.

At first when I saw the post title I thought you have made Pesto Sauce.

Swati said...

Ohh yes ..original recipe was in pesto sauce but I did not have basil leaves , plus you know I just trusted my tiny brain , so I would have missed a few things :)

Yes, you can make without peas too !

inside the tunnels said...

what a super recipe blog!! love it
visit mine, its more of a visual delight!! if u like it do follow and leave comments!! i will surely come by to steal a recipe!!

PG said...

a healthy and tasty one! :) yum yum!

Premyscakes said...

Looks so inviting.