Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wheat Flour Cheela

Kheer Cheela is one of the loved occasional weekend brunch at my in laws place. Occasional because its high in calories and loved because we all love sweets. Its nothing but rice kheer served with two kinds of cheelas.To all my south indian friends , cheela is nothing but small dosa.

Of the two kinds of cheela served , one is salty moong dal cheela. I did share the recipe here , the only difference is that instead of moong sprouts , moong dal is used.

Other one is the sweet wheet flour cheela. This post concentrates on this cheela , because Aryan loved it and I now make it often just for him , without kheer , as evening snack.


Wheat Flour - 1 Cup

Sugar - 1/2 Cup

Cardomom powdered - 1 pinch

Water - 1 glass

1. Mix water in flour , to make a smooth paste.

2. Add sugar and cardomon powder and leave for 10 minutes for sugar to dissolve.

3. Mix well. The paste should be of dripping consistency.

4. Spread like a dosa on a non stick tava and roast using little ghee.

Bad Picture Quality ..Sorry!

Thats my plate ..SLURP !!

To add to variety , coriander chutney and Potato gravy is also served along , but I did not make potato gravy and rather served another gravy from previous night.


Subhashree said...

Wow! Looks delicious. I'm going to try this out for the brat this weekend.

Asha said...

try the same thing by adding egg and milk and substitute sugar with honey.. it's too yummy and supersoft!

Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow something new for me. Looks intresting and yummy. First time here, u have a nice blog.

PG said...

so good! my mouth is watetering!
Oh! I can almost smell these lovely cheelas

Shally said...

It doesn't come out like that at all..I tried pouring thrice & the flour just doesn't cook!!!!!

Swati said...

Shally you need to put one tablespoon at a time and spread it evenly into think layer..like you spread paper dosa..oil the tawa before to avoid sticking...it it cook on sim

Shally said...

But Swati the problem is..the batter started cooking & forming lumps before I could spread the whole thing like shown in the 1st pic..
I tried it with with diff consistencies..little thick..thin..very thin..but same thing.. :-(
I really liked the idea & it was smelling nice too..like Choori ..but wasn't coming out..

Aparna said...

i tried this recipe with gur/ jaggery instead of sugar. put jaggery in water, warm to liquid, and then add flour. worked well, n my daughter liked it.
u hv a nice blog. first visit :).