Friday, December 5, 2008

Banana "mushie"

I've been eating at least 4 bananas daily recently, so trying to find out new things to do with them. I used to have them chopped up with oats, but got bored of that soon enough. Plus it takes too long to eat!

Then I remembered something I'd heard once in passing a few years ago. Tried it out, and it's turned out beautifully.

Bananas(I use 2 bananas on 3 pieces of bread)
Bread(preferably unsweetened, cut into 3/4in. slices)
A little ground pepper
Honey if you want.

Toast the bread lightly.
Mush up the banana with a little pepper and honey, spread it on the toast - I like mine slightly warm - and devour immediately. This also works for slightly overripe bananas which you might not want to eat otherwise.


PG said...

that sounds delicious! Would try it for Rishab. I could imagine using pepper and salt to the banana and make a sandwitch out of it. Or make a sandwitch toast. You are giving me ideas! :)

Swati said...

Nice idea for adult breakfast too!