Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Easy Peas-y Pasta

I know it's been a while since I've put up any new recipes here and I should have been posting regularly now that I'm home with the Noobie all the time. I've been experimenting with her and at 19 months, she's now eating everything. I don't make anything on the side for her, she usually eats everything we do. We've ever been big on spicy food anyhoo so it wasn't too hard.

This is her all-time favorite. She'll eat this when she won't eat anything else.

A handful of frozen peas
A handful of sweet corn
1 tbsp tomato puree
1/2 tsp onion paste
1/4 tsp ginger-garlic paste + some
Coriander powder
Chicken / Vegetable Stock
A pinch of salt
Cumin and rapeseed
A cup of pasta - I usually go wth the rice-shaped one

1. Cook the pasta in boiling water with salt and very little ginger garlic paste. Drain and keep aside in a colander when ready.
2. In very little olive oil, fry cumin and rapeseed until they splutter. Add the onion paste and cook until the color changes to a light pink. Add the ginger-garlic, tomato puree, salt and coriander powder and cook for a few minutes. Add the peas, and sweet corn and stock. Cover and cook until peas and sweet corn are soft. Add pasta. Mix well and serve.

Noo's liked this with boiled eggs.
Once in a while, much like my everything-rice, I throw in whatever veggie I can find in the fridge - Noo loved the cabbage version as well as the squash version just as much.

I'm looking for a good eggplant/brinjal recipe to get the tyke to like it. Ideas?


Swati said...

great recipe :)

PG said...

that surely is a wonderful recipe! A quickfix and still wholesome.
As for eggplant, just cut it into small pieces and fry nicely in olive oil. If you do not wish to use too much water then cook first in water and when soft and thr water has evaporated, add olive oil and fry nicely on medium heat till it gets a nice brownish surface. Donot tir too much. And add some thib zuccchini slice, if you wish together with it and fry in the sanme way, or mushrooms and add whatever spices you like. I use rosemary or thyme or even sage to it and mix with cooked noodles. Rishab lovely it too! Although, it also depends on his mood! :)

Noodle said...

wonderful....have you ever thought of publishing a book with all the lovely baby-friendly recipes you know? I think u shud...u know who 'll grab the first copy, right?

And you also know what BB's having for lunch tomorrow :D

Cynthia said...

Sounds delicious, can't wait to
try this, a great vege. recipe
to add to my small collection.